CEO Announcement Press Release

ARDC International Co., Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Mom Sary to the position of CEO.

Ms. Sary is a highly experienced, successful, and well-regarded leader. She has a clear vison and goals to steer ARDC in the field of natural resource management and sustainable agriculture development. She has a great ambition and optimism, able to inspire others in her vision. She is a good listener, accepting all other inputs on her decisions and genuine interest in the concern of others. She has a great ability to pursue a goal with enthusiasm and instill that same attitude in others. She is able to accept and change direction when necessary. She is perfect of adapting her role for what the company needs. She is trustful and very confident in delegating to those who work with.

Ms. Sary is from Svay Rieng province. In 2016 she received her MA decree at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Development Studies), the Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. The Master’s degree was supported by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (EFN/WWF) and field research was supported by New Directions in Environmental Governance (Mainland Southeast Asia), Canada. Her thesis was published by Chiang Mai University Press in 2018. Recently she contributed her perspectives on land governance in Cambodia. Her research and work interests focus on environmental, conservation and management of biodiversity and natural resources in protected areas, climate change adaptation, land issues, community and livelihood development, gender, social enterprise, ecotourism, and social safeguards. She also facilitates collaboration with a diversity of NGOs and other stakeholders. In addition, she assists student interns and researchers conducting their research in Cambodia.

Ms. Sary works at the Department of Community Livelihoods, General Directorate of Local Community, Ministry of Environment Cambodia.  She has played importance roles in Community Protected Area (CPA) establishment, improve livelihoods of CPA, CPA and local authority capacity training, and promote resources governance with local authorities, CPA and stakeholders. She is also a Social Safeguards Focal Point for the Cambodia Sustainable Landscape and Ecotourism Project (CSLEP). She is currently a team member for MoE-Malaria and CAMPAS Projects. She is also a founder member for Community Expo Project and an initiative founder for Promote the use of solar energy, practices integrated farming and building some CBET infrastructure for IPs community of Phnom Namlear CPA. The Project owner is Phnom Namlear CPA which is facilitated by CIPO and supported by GEF SGP UNDP.

Recently, Sary has been promoted as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Agriculture and Rural Development Consultants International (ARDC International Co., Ltd). The ARDC’s services are 1. Agriculture, Aquaculture Fisheries Research, Planning and Management Strategies; 2. Environmental and Social Management, Sustainable Natural Resources Planning and Management, and Rural Livelihoods Development; 3. Entrepreneurial Feasibility Studies for Rural Project and Business Development; 4. Digital and Innovation Technological Development and Application for Specific Purposes; 5. Agricultural Engineering and Rural Infrastructure Development; and 6. Training, Project Development, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.  Sary is also a founder of Protected Area Wild Honey in Protected Areas. She has linked local products of communities involving in forest conservation with consumers and supports persons with disabilities to promote wild honey products and receive additional commission.

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